UPS is a first class company that leads in the product delivery industry. It still relies on chocolate-colored trucks, but United Parcel Service (UPS) is more than a plain-vanilla ground delivery business. They are the world's largest package delivery company.

UPS transports some 16 million packages and documents per business day throughout the US and to more than 200 countries and territories. Its delivery operations use a fleet of about 107,000 motor vehicles and about 570 aircraft. UPS was rated the "World's Most Admired" company in its industry in an annual survey conducted by FORTUNE magazine and is known as the world's largest package delivery company. The company also was ranked among the Top 50 in brand recognition across all industries around the world.

UPS is a sought after employer for many because they have some of the best benefits, great pay, and are almost completely recession proof.

5 Surefire Ways to Get Hired By UPS

1. You will need to be available when they are hiring. They hire only when they need someone. You must find out when they have a need and apply.

2. You must have someone who works for UPS recommend you. Like most jobs, the UPS Job Application process needs a referral or person who will recommend you as one to hire. If you don't know anyone, get to know someone. Get to know your UPS delivery driver. Find out who works the early morning shift and build a relationship with them. Go to the distribution center and get to know the office staff or supervisors. You must get them to recommend you as a hard working and dependable person. Ask them to give you the heads up on when they are hiring and be willing to put a good word in for you.

3. You must be a hard worker. You will need to be willing to work your way up from a part-time employee to a UPS driver or supervisor. The best paying jobs are often the drivers. My son works for UPS and he has been with them for over a year. He gets there at 3:30AM and works for 4-5 hours. The work he does is loading the trucks for the drivers. It is hard work, requires good health and is fast paced. The promotions come in succession. If you stay on you will get your opportunity to be promoted according to your seniority.

4. You will need to pass the interview. What are they looking for? People that will be faithful and responsible. They hire people who can work hard, be loyal to the company and have a good work history. Will you be able to get up early every morning, be on time and have a good attitude, is what UPS is looking for in an employee.

5. You must be able to lift 100 pound packages. To work for UPS you must be able and willing to lift and carry, it is back breaking work. Getting up early is a must. You will also need another source of income for several years until you are invited to work full time as a driver. Most have to work for UPS 2-5 years part-time to get the opportunity to be a full time driver or supervisor. Some are students who work in the early morning hours and then go to school or are able to work another part-time or full-time job after leaving UPS.

If you follow these five steps of how to get a job at UPS, you will likely be hired in the near future. It is the lure of landing a good paying job where one can make $60-70,000 a year without a degree that entices people to fill out a UPS job application. It is a great career choice but not an easy one. If you are willing to work long hours and strong enough and healthy enough to lift up to 100 pound boxes, run from the truck to the door, and keep a good driving record, you will do well to work for UPS. If not, you might want to check out other ways to make $60-70,000K a year.

Written by Gregory Lee, an entrepreneur for 30 years, a pastor and a personal mentor and part of a team of home business coaches working with people around the world helping them create success in their lives leveraging the power of the internet. To get free resources or to receive an opportunity of a lifetime, visit this site.

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