Truck Driving Schools
   There are literally hundreds of truck driving schools across the country, each with different programs.  As with any business, there are good ones and there are bad ones.  But you have to know what to look for in a trucking school.
  There are essentially
three different types of truck driver training programs.  The first is a private school, the second is a public institution and the third is a training program run by a motor carrier.
Carrier Based Training

Techie Truckers

     Not only do truckers drive on the open roads but they also travel down the information super highway! Technology gives truckers a big boost in many areas and has made life a lot easier or at least more tolerable when they are away from home.

Let?s talk some more about these technological tools for truckers these days. Trucking companies are installing more and more Global Positioning Systems (GPS) in their trucks. These little technological wonders are great in providing detailed directions, down to the last turn. However, they are only as good as the trucking software that goes with it. Road conditions, traffic and detours are not updated often enough so truckers run into occasional problems when using their GPS. Overall though, they are worth the expense.

Laptops are more common place these days with truckers. After all, with the internet and email, communication with friends, family and their trucking company is all at their fingertips. And with wireless broadband (Wi-Fi) access popping up in truck stops, truckers can touch base more often, which makes being on the road for days at a time a little more bearable. Other things that truckers can do, thanks to the laptop computer and wireless broadband access, is check their bank account information online as well as the weather and the latest breaking news happening around the country.

Other techie stuff that makes life for truck drivers a little easier is the trucking software that tracks each tank of fuel consumed as well as the mileage and driving hours. This trucking software also can keep track of loads of cargo that has been picked up or dropped off. Different programs will do different things, depending on what the trucker wants it to do.

Today?s techie truckers kick that stereotypical ?bubba? persona to the curb. To function in today?s society; you cannot get away from technology. It is everywhere, from the fuel pumps to the ATM machines. These days, truckers are embracing that technology and using it for their own purposes.
Author: Mike Dobson

Trucking software makes all the bookkeeping and paperwork easier to handle and stay organized. Laptop computers help with keeping in touch with family, friends and even the trucking company they work for. Cell phones and satellite radio help keep an ear open to the world beyond the road well-traveled.
Trucking Technology
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