Last fall, CMT (Country Music Television) introduced a six 6 show pilot called "Trick My Truck. It is a new reality show featuring a deserving trucker and his 18-wheeler in each episode. The show is a theme similar to pimpmyride and overhaulin, where old vehicles are restored except the target vehicles are semi trucks. A crew of experts searches the truck stops of America looking for run-down trucks whose owners are in need of a break. With the secret help of family members, the owner operator's big rig is "hijacked", and completely revamped with all the latest and greatest features and equipment.

How to trick your truck is 5 easy steps

When truckers leave home for the road, there focus is usually on everything but finding semi truck chrome accessories for their truck. However, something may spark them to call us on a whim and ask: "where can I find semi truck accessories to trick my truck?" Here are some tips to find the big rig accessories you need.

1. Have the last 8 digits of your VIN available

Unlike light truck accessories, semi truck accessories are manufacturered specifically for a truck, such as Peterbilt accessories or kenworth accessories. Or, semi truck accessory manufacturers also produce universal accessories. Universal accessories are designed to be used on all makes and models of trucks. If you have the VIN available, a good semi truck accessory distributor can look up your truck and see specific manufacturer diagrams to determine if accessories are specifically made for your vehicle. For example, if you're looking for Peterbilt chrome or Freightliner accessories, they are easier to locate with a VIN.

2. A picture says a thousand words

It makes it much easier for a semi truck accessory supplier to find accessories for your truck if they have a quality photo to work with when they communicate with semi truck accessory manufacturers. Many times we can locate specific parts with a broadcast email to many semi truck accessory manufacturers.

3. Dinosaurs (paper catalogs) are extinct. Online catalogs are the way to go.

On any given day, we will receive 15-20 requests for catalogs. Print costs and paper are extremely expensive and usually produced every two years. They also significantly impact the cost structure of big rig accessories. Online catalogs are the best to locate your semi truck accessories because most manufacturers keep their websites current with the latest additions to their product lines. For example, Rockwood products has several new Peterbilt accessories that you can only see on their website.

4. Let your cell phone do your shopping

find a supplier willing to become your chrome guy that has the knowledge and expertise to find what you need. Call them with your VIN, tell them what you want, and let them do their job. We receive many calls each day from truckers looking to trick their truck with the newest semi truck accessories. The conversation always begins with " where can I find this accessory"! Let the supplier find what you need and the entire transaction can take place over the phone!

5. Older trucks need love too!

At least two to three times a day someone calls with an older truck application. They are usually frustrated because they haven't found any chrome for their truck. Ask your supplier if a custom quote is available for the accessory you want. this is not an unusual request. Semi truck manufacturers have the tooling in place to make almost any customized semi truck accessory you request.

From roof to fender to grill to cab, you can find all the accessories you need that will have your truck reflecting your independent and freewheeling spirit. Using the tips we discussed, you shouldn't have any problem dressing up your truck with trickmytruck semi truck accessories.

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The author has twenty five years experience in the automotive aftermarket in sales, marketing, product management, benchmarking and best practices, and E-Commerce web development. He is currently a Manager of Marketing and E-Commerce Business Development, and the webmaster behind a semi truck parts and accessory site He can be reached anytime at 888-802-0010.

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Since independent truckers pretty much live in their rigs, dressing up their favorite big rig with exterior, interior, and lighting big rig accessories makes life a whole lot more pleasant, allowing them to bring comforts of home, such as a fridge and microwave, with them on the road.
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Semi Truck Accessories - Trick My Truck Tips For Truckers
By: Michael Ottman
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