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   There are literally hundreds of truck driving schools across the country, each with different programs.  As with any business, there are good ones and there are bad ones.  But you have to know what to look for in a trucking school.
  There are essentially
three different types of truck driver training programs.  The first is a private school, the second is a public institution and the third is a training program run by a motor carrier.

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  The best approach to truck driver training is, without a doubt, a certified truck driving school. These institutions maintain the highest quality of education, safety, and on-the-road training in order to remain competitive in the marketplace....More Information
  With most truck drivers averaging $40,000 a year in straight salary, it's no wonder that trucking is such an attractive field for people from all walks of life who want to find a new job in trucking.....More Information
   Private transportation companies very rarely transport products by themselves. Today, many companies prefer having their own truck fleet and drivers to make a transportation department.....More Information
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Flatbed Truck Driving Jobs
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Flatbed Truck Driving
  Flatbed trucking companies are looking for skilled drivers who know how to load a rig, how to strap a load down, and how to maneuver unusual or oversized loads on busy highways. There are also compamies that will offer paid training to become a flatbed driver. They often hire driver teams with the expertise to manage the kinds of loads that ride the flatbeds. There's no doubt about it, one must be careful with these type of loads as they will require checking and rechecking to make sure the load has not shifted or moved. This type of trucking job will require much more physical effort than probably any other truck driving job out there.
  However, the rewards can be great for someone willing to become skilled in mastering this tough kind of trucking. Once  you are an experienced flatbed driver, you will be in demand much of the year every year.
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